Back To School…


It’s the middle of August so I am sure most parents out there are starting to think about getting ready for back to school. My little boy turned four a few months ago so he will be starting school in September! I almost can’t believe it! When I started thinking about all the stuff I needed to get ready it was easy to start feeling overwhelmed so I decided to start getting prepared early…

To keep costs down I bought most of his school uniform from Aldi during their school event in June. Yes I am sure I can make more sustainable choices but we are just not in the financial position to buy a full uniform from more ethical brands right now and Aldi have certified that the cotton for all those uniforms are responsibly sourced with worker’s rights in mind. I cannot say the same for the garment construction though!

Anyway, cost of school uniforms and the difficulties of affording to make ethical choices aside – I still want to make sure his clothes don’t get lost and stay in good condition all year. I am hoping to establish a clothes swap event at the end of the school year to help pass on good condition uniform and prevent so much waste so I want stuff to stay in the best condition!


To (try!) make sure items don’t get lost I decided to give these Hemline name tag kits a try. Yes I know I can sew but the sew-in ones just seem unnecessarily time consuming don’t they?! These were easy to write on with the Laundry Marking Pen supplied in the kit and they ironed on well with a medium heat iron. Top tip! I discovered that turning the garment inside out gave me much better access to press well with the iron so I highly recommend doing that.


I also discovered that some of the garments have a place on the care label to write your child’s name and class number, I am assuming most supermarkets do this?! For these garments I didn’t iron in one of the labels but I did use the laundry marking pen to make sure that the name won’t wash out!


I don’t know about your kid’s clothes but my boy has coats without any hanging loops inside! This wasn’t a problem until he started nursery and he hung them up on his coat peg by the hood. The hood just isn’t secure enough and inevitably when I went to pick him up at the end of the day his coat would be on the floor! I can forsee having this exact same problem at school so as well as adding a name label I am also stitching these Hemline coat hooks into any coats that don’t have hanging loops!

I hope you aren’t feeling too overwhelmed by the back to school madness and some of these tips help you! And if anyone else has a little one about to start school why not leave me a comment and join me in the general disbelief that they are so big?!


For more information on Hemline products, feel free to email:

Disclaimer: ⭐️Back to school supplies were provided free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are totally my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!


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