What is Crowdfunding?


I’ve designed a pin! I am no graphic designer but I’ve managed to do this! The idea of a sewing version of the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ logo has been floating around in my head for a year or more and I am crowdfunding to make this dream a reality.

What is crowdfunding? You might ask…

Well, it is individuals pledging that they will donate a certain amount of money to get a project funded IF that project raises at least 100% of what it needs to happen. Only if the campaign is fully funded does your card get charged, if I don’t raise the full amount – you pay nothing!

I need to raise £260 to get the design made into pins, they will be minty green hard enamel on gold metal. There are different ‘Rewards’ you can pledge for, but pledging £8 will get you an enamel pin posted to your home as soon as they reach me, sometime in January.

The crowdfunder campaign ends on the 20th December and the pins should take four weeks to arrive so I am hoping to have them all posted before the end of Jan! Won’t that be a lovely surprise in the post after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year has ended?!

I have been completely blown away so far by the community response to this project. The crowdfunder campaign actually went live on Wednesday morning but I was too nervous to share it! What if no one pledges and after a month of promotion and hard work I have to admit that the whole thing was a failure?! On Friday evening I pulled up my big girl pants and decided it was time to be brave and I have been grateful and humbled by the incredible response since. If you have donated or pledged then THANK YOU so much, if you have shared on Instagram or Facebook then you have my eternal gratitude. At the time of writing this, we are 89% funded and I’ve started to have this little flutter in my tummy that we might actually make it! We are just SO CLOSE to being fully funded!

If you would like a pin, head to the link below. If not, and you are just here for the sewing – no worries! Normal service will resume ASAP – I have some fab makes to show you!

Crowdfunder link: https://natwestbackherbusiness.co.uk/expanding-sewstainability


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