Hi! I’m Vicky and I’m sewing and knitting my way to a handmade wardrobe in beautiful Yorkshire.

Sewing + Sustainability = Sewstainability. I sew to create clothes that actually fit and I try to factor in environmental issues while I do. I try to be mindful of keeping my sewing sustainable but I have also found that the clothes that get most wear are the ones I’m head over heels in love with! My brand of sustainable sewing focuses on longevity – making special garments that will last many many wears and making sure I use up every scrap in the process. Sometimes that means using new fabrics sometimes that means refashioning or shopping secondhand, I hope to find a good balance that I am comfortable with. I try to sew with scraps and natural materials and inspire others to do the same but I am in no way perfect! I hope we can all inspire each other, even small changes to the way we sew can make a difference!

I use my blog to raise awareness for issues that I am passionate about, such as garment workers’ rights, sustainability, and climate justice. The reason I started Sewstainability was to normalise crafting with used/secondhand or repurposed materials in order to make crafting more accessible for those on a low income, and also raising awareness of the climate emergency. As a queer woman myself, I am passionate about LGBTQIA+ issues and am also heavily invested in my own personal anti-racism journey and these intersections are often evident in my writing and social posts. I’m sure my values would fit in well with Ysolda culture but wanted to make my position clear from the start. Please call me in for an

Please give my blog a follow either on here or on Bloglovin’. I would love for you to join me on this journey towards being a little bit more sustainable in my crafting!